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Organizations that foster health and safety at work have healthier, happier employees - and healthier bottom lines, too. It's more than good business. It's good business strategy

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January 25, 2017

Colorado Workplace Warrior: Lili Tenney | Bright Health

Creating a healthy work environment is easier said that done. Check out this article with Health Links Director, Lili Tenney, who's passion is all about promoting healthy workplaces and sustainable business strategies that improve overall well being. So sit back in your ergonomic chair or stability ball and take some pointers the pro. . .

December 05, 2016

Health Links Featured in Glenwood Springs!

The online news outlet, Post Independent/Citizen Telegram wrote an excellent article on our local advisor Amanda Wagner and her great work inspiring members of the community to bring health to work! Author Angie Anderson reinforces what we believe about workplace health and safety by saying "companies and organizations can implement easy low-cost or no-cost solutions that can create a more productive workplace, improve employee morale and reduce injuries and absenteeism. How’s that for the bottom line? For companies that have the ability to do so, making a simple policy change to allow flexible work schedules so that employees can take time during the day to exercise is a great idea. How about incorporating a group walk into a staff meeting?" Click above for the full article.

January 20, 2016

OJC Implements Worksite Wellness Program

Otero Junior College kicked off its worksite wellness program with the start of 2016. At the all staff meeting on Jan. 7, the wellness team introduced the first ingredient of the program: Become a Fitness Champion.

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NIOSH looks forward to partnering with Health Links in improving the health, safety and productivity of America’s workers. To succeed in today’s competitive and rapidly-changing markets, small businesses must focus on improving the health of their workers. It’s one of the best ways to recruit and retain capable employees, and that’s the way to achieve economic advantage.end quote

John Howard, MD, MPH, JD, LLM
Director, NIOSH

From the very inception of PorchLight we have always had a wellness program. I know from personal experience that if I am fit and healthy I am happier overall and get more done in less time. Healthy people are happy people. That is why health and fitness are imbedded in PorchLight's company culture.end quote

Amy Bayer
Founder, PorchLight

Our number one concern in the electric utility industry is safety. At San Isabel Electric, we believe safety and a healthy workforce goes hand in hand. We promote programs that support several aspect of wellness including good nutrition, stress management, and behavioral health. Aside from the rewards our fellow employees reap from a healthy lifestyle, our co-op also benefits financially as we are better able to manage insurance costs and work-related injuries.end quote

Naomi Simmons
Employee, San Isabel Electric Association, Inc.